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Lu Ann Henderson Recognized as a Top Performing Broker in Crexi’s Annual Platinum Broker Awards.

LOS ANGELES, CA, March 6, 2023 — Crexi, the commercial real estate (CRE) industry’s fastest-growing marketplace, data, and technology platform, today announced Lu Ann Henderson as a winner of its annual Platinum Broker Awards, an awards program recognizing the highest performing brokers on Crexi’s platform.

To be recognized as a Platinum Broker, Crexi users must land in the top percentage of brokers using the platform. Lu Ann Henderson, among other winners, is being recognized for their exceptionally high engagement, high property search score, use and knowledge of Crexi’s marketing portal, deals closed on Crexi, as well as a healthy number of leads per listing, total listings, and total value. Brokers are recognized based on three focuses – sale, lease, and auction. Winners from the sale and lease categories span hospitality, industrial, land, multifamily, office, retail, restaurant, and special purpose sectors, while the auction category spotlights top performers overall.

“This program is our way of acknowledging our broker partners who continue to make an impact and find success across sales, lease, and auction functions,” stated Mike DeGiorgio, founder and CEO of Crexi. “We celebrate our brokers– today and every day. Their wins are our wins, and we all succeed together.”

This award program goes beyond property volume and total value sold, taking into account platform activity, search scores, leads, and more. The Platinum Broker Awards’ model levels the playing field, allowing all brokers, regardless of business size, to be recognized as a top performer. Platinum Broker, Lu Ann Henderson, among others, received a classical award and an exclusive badge on their Crexi profile recognizing them as a Platinum Broker and identifying them as a Crexi expert to clients and colleagues.

Driven By Results and Technology Implementation

Lu Ann Henderson, BRE License #01912126, Senior Vice President of Commercial Real Estate Sales and Leasing at GQ North Real Estate and CEO at Lu Ann is a CCIM candidate and has received three CCIM certificates.

Lu Ann is an exclusive California listing agent servicing the Sacramento, Bay Area, and Los Angeles markets. She comes with a wide range of local and international investors. 85% of her boutique sales and leasing transactions are dual agency because, besides a high closing portfolio, her strong suit is obtaining buyers and tenants. Lu Ann became a top producer in her company in 2016/2017/2018 and was named top producer by Costar/LoopNet for the second quarter of 2020.

In March 2023, she was recognized as a top-performing broker in Crexi’s annual Platinum Broker Awards. Responsible for 28 million in California sales, specializing in industrial, retail, office, multi-unit, land development, and specialty assets. Lu Ann’s overall transaction volumes are in the top 5% of brokers.

Responsible for multiple millions in California transactions, specializing in industrial, retail, office, land development, and specialty assets. She has become versatile in most sectors of business real estate as a two-year intern for an investor holding worldwide commercial assets. Learning from some of the savviest commercial investors along the way, she utilizes these strategies in her transactions.

First receiving her Nevada Real Estate License in 2005, Lu Ann started with the Blasco Development group and attended several commercial meetings on various development–transnational projects underway. Usually, the only female in the group exposed to a wealth of knowledge, she quickly learned that her passion was commercial real estate. Her first project was assisting the sellers in the transaction of the Spanish Palm Apartments, located at 5250 S. Rainbow Blvd., Las Vegas, NV. 89118. The buyer utilized her assistance in selling the first two phases of a 376-unit Apartment sale transaction for $52.6 million. The buyers purchased the apartments for a condominium conversion.

In 2012, after receiving her California Real Estate license, Lu Ann was vital in the nine-month due diligence duties for purchasing 277 acres at Larry Bell Dairy Farm, which was negotiated for $3.8 million in 2013. She was responsible for troubleshooting the entire AG-80, 277 acres, and the 12 residential properties at 11318 Franklin Blvd, Elk Grove, CA. Lu Ann managed the back end of housing and development and commercial and agricultural purchases. She oversaw identifying properties through entitlements, including due diligence for creating plot maps, documenting and supervising EPA reports, water and environmental duties, mitigation, and protocol guidelines for unique habitats.

 In 2015, the City of Sacramento opened a map naming industrial-approved zoning for cultivation in the cannabis industry. Lu Ann was one of the first courageous commercial agents in the region to take on uncharted territory while actively attending city ordinance meetings and obtaining all necessary rules and regulations for this new real estate arena for her clients. A true entrepreneur, she became one of the most successful commercial brokers in the industrial sectors and represented the top leading investors in the industry. Making waves in the small industrial sectors of Sacramento came with years of resistance and turbulence as it was the boys’ club of commercial real estate. Instead of throwing in the towel, Lu Ann wanted to change the outdated standards to commercialize brokerage methods. She had zero knowledge of building a WordPress website and yet envisioned the best tools and technology for clients. It was creating and eventually She was determined to have the most versatile technology for the fastest communication of her listings. She was one of the first commercial real estate agents to text her listing information and set appointments on their phones instead of emails for standard brochures. 2017, the brokerage company she worked under, won Power Brokerage in leasing transaction and she won top producer of the company.

 In 2020, during the COVID pandemic shutdown, she realized there was still considerable demand for commercial space for people / small businesses on the brink of closure and needing to downsize to stay in business. Once again, her compassionate and entrepreneurial mindset has led her to create a new YouTube Channel,; now MatrixCREai, she became the first local commercial agent to incorporate texting a walk-through video with live experience as if you were there in person and incorporated drone footage over the properties. She quickly sent clients property links, including a brochure and YouTube video for each property. The first to be technology-driven, she made it more efficient in commercial real estate brokerage, saving gas and unnecessary driving time, and she obtained a quicker client response. Her investors and clients expressed how happy they were to quickly send informative property links to their partners without going anywhere, further expanding her digital marketing and properties displayed globally. Surprisingly, she became busy via virtual walkthroughs!

In early 2020, her entrepreneurial skills came with even more attempts to bring hardship to her solo boutique business via viral character assassinations. With her support system of loyal clients, colleagues, friends, and family who knew her best, she refused to absorb any negative manipulations on herself or her business, and she kept busy creating technology for her clients. She closed more transactions then and won Costar Power Broker in the Second Quarter 2020.

Lu Ann has a proven strategy for a higher success rate of closings for all her clients and closing her 2021 year with 25 completed transactions, seven transactions totaling over $7,000,000.00 in commercial sales, and eighteen in leasing transactions, most dual agency. In 2023, she has over $30 million in sales, and most are dual agencies.

 In 2023, she created to help support her beautiful California state. San Francisco was once California’s highest-ranked city and was in a media spiral downturn with significant tech companies and families leaving. Lu Ann was born and raised in California, and she believes the town requires support and loyalty to help preserve the historical memories of San Francisco and help list the more challenging transactions. She is known to take a stance as a real estate advocate for the elderly and misinformed. 

 When not embarking on business ideas, she enjoys learning outside the box; she was an original Ted Talk attendee at the Sacramento Guild Theater when it was a small and local venue. Her hobbies include intuitive painting, poetry, traveling, and bike trails; she’s passionate about the outdoors and nature. Proactively gives troubled teens advice and insight into possibilities of a better path, sharing wisdom on how she overcame adversity. That is where her heart is.